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Based in Midlothian VA, Broken Biscuit has been providing celebration cakes to the greater Richmond area since the beginning of 2021. Chief baker, creator and kitchen cleaner, Gwyneth Hines, specializes in blending unique, high quality ingredients with familiar flavors for bright new cake experiences that remind you of home. Gwyneth's background in graphic design gives her a keen eye for aesthetics and plays a pivotal role in the design process, while her childhood spent in the kitchen with multiple generations of women impacts her drive to bake delicious treats that will beckon your loved ones to the table as sweet memories are made.


When she's not baking cakes, Gwyneth enjoys time spent with her husband (and cake delivery driver extraordinaire) Tyler and their four children. Gwyneth listens to podcasts and audiobooks while she bakes and decorates, which may explain the AirPod that she's forever forgetting to remove from her left ear when you pickup a cake.

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